Hundreds of whales stranded on the Australian coast


More than 200 whales have been found stranded in Australia on the west coast of Tasmania, wildlife officials have said.

The animals, which appear to be pilot whales, are currently stranded on a beach and sandbar, the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Early reports estimate that around half of the animals are alive,” he added.

He also said experts were on hand to assess the current situation and would plan “an appropriate response”.

He stressed that volunteers were not needed at this time.

Massive whale strandings have baffled marine scientists for decades.

The Incident is not the first of its kind occur in Tasmania, an island state off the southern coast of mainland Australia. A mass stranding in 2020 saw hundreds of whales stranded in a harbor, making it the largest mass whale stranding in Tasmania’s history.

Another harrowing case this week saw more than a dozen young sperm whales found dead on another beach in Tasmania. The animals, mostly males, were first spotted by wildlife authorities on Monday afternoon and are thought to have been part of the same bachelor group.

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