Taylor Swift introduces ‘Midnights’ track names on TikTok

Taylor Swift has released the most enigmatic and inscrutable enigma yet. Using his TikTok, Taylor posted track 13 from his latest album, Midnights, would be called “Brain”. Like, what could that even mean???? Alright, let’s think about it a bit. Batman ’66 style. She said the track title into a red telephone. Red is an album of which she has already made the Taylor version. Repetition. Reputation? OLD TAYLOR CANNOT COME ON THE PHONE AT THIS TIME. WHY? BECAUSE SHE IS DEAD. Taylor Swift is a clone. It’s the only thing that fits. No other possible meaning could come from “Track 13 is called ‘Mastermind’.”

Seriously, it looks like Taylor Swift will drop direct announcements from Midnights‘ follow names on TikTok. She also uses a bingo ball cage to randomize which lane names are announced when. Plus, she’s got the same nails as at TIFF, so do what you want with them.

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